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Our company

DISIBEINT ELECTRONIC SL remains present in the field of manufacturing components for industrial automation for 40 years keeping in constant evolution its wide range of products, divided into four families:
· Sensors and transmitters for Level Control in Liquids and Solids
· Liquid and Solid Level Control Relays
· Timers
· Control Relays: Voltage, Intensity, Phase, Surveillance, Protection and Logic
· Equipment for the implementation of the IoT Industrial technology
It is a permanent concern to be able to give an adequate response to the problems that arise in the automation of the different industrial processes and to provide the most suitable material for each application.
Our history
1969 .. 1974
After a few beginnings based on the development of products destined to the incipient industry of the accessories for the automobile, the trajectory of the still young company changes course to create in 1974 the first plug-in relay for the control of the level in liquids, which came to replace the existing electromechanical type in the market at that time.
In its creation, three of the pillars on which the products developed over the years were based: application of new technologies, functionality of the equipment in size and performance and, finally, the introduction of a differentiating design.

1975 .. 1983
Since 1975, with the arrival in Spain of plug-in relays with different functions, the product range is extended with timers and relays for the control of magnitudes such as voltage, current and phase.

1984 .. 1985
The modular relay concept is already beginning to take shape, laying the foundations that will serve to create, around 1984, the so-called Funcions Series.
While the electronics improve in each new circuit, the boxes are stylized and the production methods are improved while the computer systems are strengthened. The global external aspect, always deserving of special attention, offers more and better elements of communication with the user.

1986 .. 1994
Only after two years, in 1986, a redesign of the relays occurred in both the formal and technical aspects. Exports begin to be common.
The equipment is provided with light, safe and ecological packaging. The technical documentation is not left aside from the innovative and distinctive character that was always tried to maintain in the company.

1995 .. 2003
The unstoppable advance of the technique added to the specific needs of each installation and the obligation centered on always offering the best possible technological quality, led to the generation in 1995 of three series, PR, DR, and SR. They provided broad coverage to traditional application needs with a total modularity concept, with more than 100 different functions, with state-of-the-art technology and a harmonious design that won the prestigious iF industrial design contest at the Hannover fair. This last and new generation of product supposed the consolidation of the ideas that in his day took to create that pioneer plug-in relay of 1974.

2004 .. 2009
With the view permanently put a step forward, born on the 35th anniversary one more son of the already wide range of products. The information is processed by means of a display and it is the user who can program the functions and the multitude of parameters that allow to exercise a much more exhaustive control of the processes in which the relays intervene. Man-machine communication, which is so important in our day, becomes a preponderant part of our products with a versatility of consumer equipment and a high-tech equipment quality.
2009 .. 2017
During these years the sensors, switches and level transmitters for liquids undergo a strong expansion in models and materials of execution so that the general catalog is widely implemented, contributing to this sector many and varied solutions that allows to consolidate the widest range of market.

The line of innovation continues its trajectory and is generating new products so that in 2019, the year in which 50 years of permanence of the company in the market will be fulfilled, our products will be favored with important technological innovations.

The company of the 21st century demands its rapid adaptation to the latest technologies of which the Industrial IoT is the reference of the moment. The teams that join our catalog during this year are able to communicate remotely by transmitting a multitude of relevant data and helping to make useful decisions for the productive and economic performance of the users.